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Player Page

Every player created gets a player page accessible from:


The page shows all the achievements of the players including collectables and kills. Collectables are items and activities in game that can be completed. These are a large part of the game and most players are aiming to get them all.

Kills are the different types of opponents you have beaten. There are two types of kills, regular and golden. Regular kills are recorded when you beat any opponent in game. Gold kills are rare monsters than spawn infrequently. Gold monsters tend to be stronger and drop more loot. It's is quite difficult to achieve a full set of gold kills.


Throughout there game there are many quests. Each quest is recorded on your player page. There are two types of quests.

General or Free quests are available to everyone and build up the core of the game and its story. Completing all of these will get you a 100% marker against "Free Quests".

Patron quests are only available to people that support the game's development through Patreon. However, these quests are intentionally designed to be cosmetic or fun but not game impacting in any way. There is no pay to win in Tales of Yore.


The world is filled with literature on bookcases, shelfs and bed side tables across Yore. Each book has a tiny bit of story or lore than builds up the game. In some cases to be able to start a quest you must first have read about it.

The player page lists all the books that a player has found and read in the game.


Epic items are purely cosmetic items that cost a lot of in game gold. They are designed to provide long term players a way of disposing their extra gold and getting token items representing their achievements. Often epic items have a visual representation on the player to allow them to show off their fancy equipment. It is extremely rare that an epic item will have especially good statistics compared to a regular version in game.

The player page lists all the epic item that a player has bought.

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This page was last edited on 2022-01-25 08:05

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