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Northlands Oct 2023
Northlands is live, doubling the world size!
Auto Mini-map Jun 2023
Automapping added to the log book to support new users.
NPC Notes May 2023
Log book extended to record last 50 NPCs interactions
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Latest Version: 1574
in development
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Thinking about streaming Tales of Yore?
I'd really really appreciate it if you did. I've included a set of images, sound effects, sprites and backgrounds here to give you something to play with.

If you do stream the game, let me know, I'd love to join and to broadcast the stream as much as I can across my social media!

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Downloads for the Desktop

Latest - Version 1.0.42
Old Versions
Version 1.0.30
Version 1.0.27
Version 1.0.25
Version 1.0.14
Version 1.0.13
Version 1574
July 14 2024 18:18
  • Fix for the new map
Version 1572
July 14 2024 15:17
  • Add holics map
  • Update cache bust
  • Fix tales server reference
Version 1570
June 15 2024 15:36
  • New cosmetics!
  • Add dark sword and angel sword visual
  • Allow teleporting players while offline
  • Fix staging port
Version 1566
April 29 2024 20:04
  • Birthday year 3
  • Fix gold bug
  • Better fix for patron message
  • Fix multiple prepay lines exploding
  • Fix issue with potential NPE in certain actor cases
  • Fix temp bans
Version 1564
January 29 2024 09:57
  • Fix issue with escroting through guilds
  • Fix unmount bug on abnormal place transitions
Version 1563
January 16 2024 09:47
  • Update attack power for bosses
Version 1562
January 16 2024 07:48
  • Fiddle with combat rules some more
Version 1561
January 15 2024 20:21
  • Update combat rules to account for defense better and make the game generally a bit nicer.
  • Fix password field to work with password saving.
  • Fix heroes guild entrance in Aerytow. Fix UI working when HUD hidden.
  • Fix beast death in Chaos Template. Fix maps in bagu and aerytow.
Version 1560
January 03 2024 19:53
  • Make mobs and NPCs searchable in LDTK
Version 1559
December 24 2023 12:44
  • Updates for the season
Version 1558
December 11 2023 21:34
  • Readd xmas raid
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Understanding that some players may want to support without reoccuring payments through the Patreon, here are some options to pre-pay 6 and 12 months of the different levels:

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Access to in-town housing when available
A gold in game badge!

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Tales of Yore is intended to be a family friendly game and there often young people player. Please keep the following in mind while playing.
  1. No bad language please, we're a family friendly game and community
  2. Assume other people have good intentions
  3. Don't use auto-clickers or bots
  4. Be nice to each other
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Reviews Reviews Reviews!
If you're considering giving Tales a go and reviewing or previewing or really any coverage, let me know, I'm always available on email.

There's a FAQ that may cover what you need to know also.

Game Details
DescriptionTales of Yore is a fun, casual online RPG paying homage to older MMORPGs
Release DateMay, 2021
CreatorsCoke And Code (see FAQ for more details)
PlatformsBrowser, PC, Mac, iOS, Android



With great power...
Thank you for becoming a mapper in Tales of Yore. Mapping can be quite complicated so please take a look at the mapping guide. If you've already uploaded your map files (you'll need a mapper account to do this) then the commands below will let you test.

/test (mapper-name)
Test the map uploaded by the mapper name
Teleport out of the testing map back to the main world
List the quests names against their variables
/getvar (name)
Get the value assigned to a variable for the current player
/setvar (name) (value)
Set the value assigned to a variable fro the current player
With great power...
Thank you for becoming a moderator in Tales of Yore. The commands below are available to you and expect the list to grow as needed. Moderators will eventually be able to act as Dungeon Masters - spawning monsters and causing conversation to happen for events - as well as acting as player support and fixing.

/teleport (zone)
Teleport to the specified zone. The zone IDs can be seen by pressing F2 while you're in a zone or using the /where command.
/kick (username)
Kick a player off the server. Use this to fix players that have got stuck or if someone is being abusive. This command is logged on the server and let me know if its becoming a problem and we can ban via username or IP
Display the zone ID of the zone you're in.
A password reset link has been sent to the registered email address. Don't forget to check spam folder and other annoying locations!
No account with the specified details could be found.
Thanks for confirming your email address. It can now be linked to external accounts.

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Thank you for your donation, it's much appreciated. Please keep track of any receipts so I can credit it off any future payment system.

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Name Description Category
Want to know something about Tales of Yore? Hopefully the answer is here... if not hit us up on discord, twitter or email.

Is the game free?
The game is free to play. There is no pay to win and there should always be a way to play for free.

Of course time and servers do cost money so donations and patrons are very much appreciated. Patreon gets you some extra content but nothing game breaking.

Can we pay?
Of course, either donate or join the Patreon for perks. Neither is required. Either is appreciated.
How long has the game been in development?
The main page shows the number of days in development, but it started early in 2021. The game is built in spare time.
Is feature X coming?
Most probably unless it's otherwise noted below. The best bet is to jump on the discord and ask.
Will the game feature Player vs Player combat (PvP)?
This is one of the few things that have been ruled out. Tales of Yore won't have PvP combat, though there may be competitions between players. PvP never leads to positive outcomes and Tales is trying to be a positiive place.
I have ideas and feedback, will you listen?
Very much so, the game is built on player feedback. Dropping the ideas into discord or game chat (which is linked to discord) makes sure the team will see them. Of course remember there are lots of ideas and not everything makes it in.
Can I make a playthrough video, stream or review the game?
It's encouraged! There are some resources for you to use over in the streamers section.
Who is Yoric?
Alas, poor Yoric... he's a terribly nice guy and our local town crier.

He's nice enough to broadcast when people complete quests and in game events. You can find him on discord or follow him on twitter

Where is quest item X or monster Y?
The game is quite direct in asking you to find things, and it's kinda part of the fun. By all means if you get stuck ask the others on the server or in the #spoilers section on discord.
What does Skill/Stat XYZ mean?
There a page dedicated to skills and statistics over here
How does magic work?
In Yore magic is governed by two things, mana and runes. Mana is a personal statistic, like health, and you need a certain amount to cast any spell. There are potions around to keep you topped up but you'll also recover it over time.

Runes describe which spells you're going to cast. Some require certain attributes. Some can be armed like weapons and cast in combat, some have to be actively used as an item. Magic is very powerful so try not to hurt yourself, k?.
Can I help make the game?
There are ways to add content to the game, including trying out the mapping features, although before trying this we suggest you play the game a fair bit to get the idea. It's rare that new developers join the project but it's not impossible.
Who is contributing to the game?
In chronological order
Kev Glass (cokeandcode)
coding, some art, game design, sfx, content, world builder
Krishna Palacio
art from Mini Fantasy
Cletus Lupus
custom music tracks (twitter)
Moderator and Tester
Adam Guerin
Moderator and Tester
Ilya Ryzhenkov
coding and making kev look better
Beau Buckley
CC Music
Cal McEachern
CC Music
CC Music
Jayvee Enaguas (HarvettFox96)
CC Music
CC Music
Moderator and Tester
Moderator and Tester
Eye of Midas
Creating the Wiki and testing fish pies
Master English Fixer
Trevor Lentz
CC Music
Benjam Soule H. Walker
Voice Acting
The game looks way too bright on my HDR monitor, can I do anything?
Try setting the compatibility mode to version 8 of Windows. This seems to work.
Where do you get those silly text bounces to celebrate milestones?
Why they're over at this logo generator