Want to know something about Tales of Yore? Hopefully the answer is here... if not hit us up on discord, twitter or email.

Is the game free?
The game is free to play. There is no pay to win and there should always be a way to play for free.

Of course time and servers do cost money so donations and patrons are very much appreciated. Patreon gets you some extra content but nothing game breaking.

Can we pay?
Of course, either donate or join the Patreon for perks. Neither is required. Either is appreciated.
How long has the game been in development?
The main page shows the number of days in development, but it started early in 2021. The game is built in spare time.
Is feature X coming?
Most probably unless it's otherwise noted below. The best bet is to jump on the discord and ask.
Will the game feature Player vs Player combat (PvP)?
This is one of the few things that have been ruled out. Tales of Yore won't have PvP combat, though there may be competitions between players. PvP never leads to positive outcomes and Tales is trying to be a positiive place.
I have ideas and feedback, will you listen?
Very much so, the game is built on player feedback. Dropping the ideas into discord or game chat (which is linked to discord) makes sure the team will see them. Of course remember there are lots of ideas and not everything makes it in.
Can I make a playthrough video, stream or review the game?
It's encouraged! There are some resources for you to use over in the streamers section.
Who is Yoric?
Alas, poor Yoric... he's a terribly nice guy and our local town crier.

He's nice enough to broadcast when people complete quests and in game events. You can find him on discord or follow him on twitter

Where is quest item X or monster Y?
The game is quite direct in asking you to find things, and it's kinda part of the fun. By all means if you get stuck ask the others on the server or in the #spoilers section on discord.
What does Skill/Stat XYZ mean?
There a page dedicated to skills and statistics over here
How does magic work?
In Yore magic is governed by two things, mana and runes. Mana is a personal statistic, like health, and you need a certain amount to cast any spell. There are potions around to keep you topped up but you'll also recover it over time.

Runes describe which spells you're going to cast. Some require certain attributes. Some can be armed like weapons and cast in combat, some have to be actively used as an item. Magic is very powerful so try not to hurt yourself, k?.
Can I help make the game?
There are ways to add content to the game, including trying out the mapping features, although before trying this we suggest you play the game a fair bit to get the idea. It's rare that new developers join the project but it's not impossible.
Who is making the game?
In chronological order
Kev Glass (cokeandcode)
coding, some art, game design, sfx, content, world builder
Krishna Palacio
art from Mini Fantasy
Cletus Lupus
custom music tracks (twitter)
Moderator and Tester
Adam Guerin
Moderator and Tester
Ilya Ryzhenkov
coding and making kev look better
Beau Buckley
CC Music
Cal McEachern
CC Music
CC Music
Moderator and Tester
Moderator and Tester
Eye of Midas
Creating the Wiki and testing fish pies
Master English Fixer
Where do you get those silly text bounces to celebrate milestones?
Why they're over at this logo generator