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Your character's level and capabilities in Tales of Yore are described by their statistics and skills. Statistics represent their physical attributes and talents. They are improved by exercising. Skills represent what you character has learned and hence has becomed skilled in. They are improved by practicing the activities.

Statistics and Skills can be viewed in game by clicking the graph icon.


Statistics currently range from 10 to 120. They can be additionally modified by magical and enchanted items.

Statistic Details
Strength Represents how much physical strength your character has. This is improved by lifting, swinging and hitting heavy objects.
Dexterity Represents the ability to aim, control and operate intricate weapons and items. This is improved by focusing on detailed and targeted actitvities.
Intelligence Represents ability to reason, understand and focus mental capabilities. This is improved through casting magic, reading and exercising the brain.
Constitution Represents general health of the character
Hit Points The current physical health of the your character. The maximum value is a factor of your strength. Hit points are lost by taking damage. Hit Points are recovered over time assuming you are not hungry or poisoned. Potions can also be used to restore health.
Mana The amount of magical energy the character has to use on spells. The maximum value is a factor of intelligence. Mana is recovered over time assuming you are not hungry or poisoned. Potions can also be used to restore mana.
Focus Represents the ability to focus (or aim) on the task at hand. This is factor of dexterirty. Focus is lost by being hit. Focus can be maintained by practicing the resolve skills. Focus effects accurancy and the chance of critical hit. Focus is recovered over time assuming your are not hungry or poisoned. Potions can also be used to restore focus.
Rage Represents the anger built up when being hit. It can be harnessed to activate melee abilities. Potions can be used to increase rage. Rages reduces over time. Rage is increased by being hit.


Skills range from 0 to 100. The maximum number of skills a player can hold currently is 665, spread across the all the skills. Skills are improved by using them. Note that many items require a certain skill level to use.

By default all skills are set to increase when practicing. However, in some cases it makes sense to lock a skill in place or cause it to be forgotten over time. This can be controlled using the arrows to the right of the skills in the skills popup window.

For instance, if a character is training to become a swordsman they may choose to forget what they know about mace weapons so that they may use those skill points on sword.

Skill Details
Sword Skill using swords and sword like weapons. Sword(like) weapons are those bladed and requiring finesse and/or weapon skill to maximise damage. Improved by using sword(like) weapons.
Mace Skill using maces and mace like weapons. Mace(like) weapons are those where damage is maximised by hitting/bashing as hard as possible. Improved by using mace(like) weapons.
Parry Ability to deflect attacks using sword or mace weapons. A successful parry can completely eliminate the damage done by an opponent. Parry is improved while defending attacks using a mace or sword like weapon. Parry is only improved while opponents are skilled enough to damage you.
Archery Skill in using and aiming shooting weapons like bows and crossbows. Higher archery skill results in better accuracy, better critical hit chance (along with focus) and overall more damage. Archery is improved while using shooting weapons.
Throwing Skill in weapons that require throwing such as knifes, darts and axes. Higher throwing skill results in better accuracy, better critical hit chance (along with focus) and overall more damage. Throwing is improved while using throwing weapons and being hit.
Resolve Resolve represents the mental fortitiude to avoid becoming distracted by being attacked while focusing. This is useful while maintaining focus for ranged weapons, which in turn increases accuracy and crtical hit chance. Resolve is increased by using any ranged weapon and being hit.
Casting Represents a character's ability to cast magical spells that use the magic directly rather than acting on a character or items. Improved by using casting spells.
Enchant Represents a character's ability to enchant characters or items. Improved by using enchanting spells and enchanting items.
Resist Ability to resist the magic powers of other characters and monsters. A higher resist reduces the damage that a offensive spell will cause to a resisting character. Improved by taking damage from magical attacks.
Lumberjack Skill in aquiring wood from trees. Different types of tree, and hence wood, require different levels of lumberjacking to harvest. Lumberjacking skills increase the chance of obtaining usable woord from trees. Impoved by harvesting wood.
Mining Skill in aquiring gems and minerals from rock faces. Different types of rock, mineral and gem require different levels of mining to harvest. Minining skills increase the chance of extracting gems/minerals from rock. Improved by mining.
Fishing Skill in aquiring animals, fish and items from water and other liquids. Different areas and liquid types require different levels of fishing to retrieve anything. Fishing skills increase the chance of obtaining items, animals and fish from water. Improved by fishing.
Foraging Skill of finding items in nature. Ranging from sticks to mushrooms. Increased by finding items
Cooking Skill of making meals from raw resources. Normally the meal is more effective food than the raw item. Increased with practice.
Fletching Making arrows and other ranged ammunition from resources. Increased with practice.
Potions Brewing potions from reagents. Increased by making potions.
Smithing Both converting raw ore into useable metal, and metal into weapons and armor.
Carpentry Making wooden items on a wood working table.
Tailoring Making clothes from cloth and other items.

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