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Welcome to the Tales of Yore!

Tales of Yore is a multiplayer browser game made by Coke And Code based in the land of Yore. Tales of Yore takes place in the same world as the previous single player dungeon crawler game Legends of Yore, but expands on it greatly.

We're a collaborative community website about Tales of Yore that anyone, including you, can build and expand. Wikis like this one depend on readers getting involved and adding content. Click the "ADD NEW PAGE" or "EDIT" button at the top of any page to get started!


Updates to Tales of Yore are added nearly every day in order to always make the game a better experience. Below is a summary of the monthly more major updates you can also find over on the devlog.

June 2023 3 new Secrets added, support for Tile Flipping in Level Design ToolKit. We have been informed all the dungeons for Northlands have been completed and it's not long until release! (Estimated September 2023). Before Northlands we will see a Newbie Logbook and New Recipes which will allow players to obtain additional exp when hunting monsters by crafting using monster parts!

April 2023 2-year anniversary event update! Various changes to the UI, WASD controls implemented to PC/Mac/Steam version of the game, updates to achievements tracker for players, friend system added in-game as well as party voice chat, and an in-game wiki command that allows players to wiki search anything from chat and open this wiki.

March 2023 Mounts and Pets update! Players can now choose between horses or boars to use as mounts, and cats or dogs to use as pets. All 4 of these have the capability of fighting enemies as well. Animated cosmetic weapons were also added.

February 2023 Cosmetics were added! These included free monthly cosmetics to Patreon subscribers as well as paid cosmetics available to all. The Job Board was also finally ready to go and added to the game featuring procedurally generated jobs rewarding tokens to be exchanged for a variety of goodies.

January 2023 Tales of Yore's first (belated-Christmas oriented) raid update! Players were introduced to an all-new enemy who had magic and melee attacks, AOEs, and a whole lot of health that required a group of players in order to take him down.

December 2022 Translation added and auto translation implemented into the game, supporting 10 different languages. Bags added as an in-game item to help players organize the infinite inventory system.

September 2022 Lots of various QoL changes implemented based on player feedback. More work towards jobs board and treasure maps.

August 2022 The Oasis Update is out! Hundreds of new items, lots of new quests, three new towns and TONS of SECRETS are now scattered all through Yore. We need all hands on deck adding the new content to our wiki.

July 2022 Infinite dungeon release. Levels will get progressively harder, bigger and harder to beat. You'll only be allowed to take in 100 of each potion (any size you like) and your equipped armor and weapons (no cosmetics).

June 2022 The Stats Update has been released! This change rebalances a lot of the game and alters how progression through skills works, so we're working hard at getting the correct information on the wiki.

May 2022 The Abilities Update was just released. This update adds a whole new set of skills for both melee and ranged skillsets!

March 2022 The Dark Forest update is out! Come help our community explore the new content and fill out the wiki!

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