2 - Harvesting

The world of Yore has many natural resources that can be harvested and used to create useful items. To harvest an item you will need an appropriate tool (or weapon in some cases) and enough skill to be able to use it to extract the item. In some cases a resource will only be harvested when a tool of sufficient quality is used. Harvesting areas can become exhausted of resources in which case it's best to move on to another spot.


To fish you must find water (or other liquid) and have an appropriate rod. Bait can be used to increase the chances of finding rarer catches. Assuming you have a rod, clicking on any reachable water start fishing. Be patient, fishing can take some time, but it can be quite rewarding.

Lumber Jacking

There are many varied trees in the world and most can be used as sources of wood. To get wood from trees you must have an axe (or other lumberjack skilled tool) in your backpack. Clicking on the trunk of the tree will start the chopping. Different types of tree require specific tools and skills.

Slaying Monsters

Some monsters drop items that can be used as ingredients to recipes and crafting. These items are normally attached to the monsters so the only option is to kill the monster and take the item. Unfortunately the act of killing the monster can often destroy the desired item so some luck is required.


A pickaxe is required to mine stones and minerals from rock faces. To start mining have the pick axe in your backpack and tap/click a rock face. There are various pickaxes and other mining tools available.


Foraging covers a range of harvesting activities, from picking apples from a tree to find twigs in a bush. Foraging requires a sickle. With the tool in your backpack click/tap a foraging spot to start the process. Watch out for foraging spots all over the world including inside dungeons.

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This page was last edited on 2022-08-21 19:13

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