3 - Crafting

Crafting is the process of taking ingredients that have been harvested and combining them into useful items. To craft you first need a recipe or blueprint describing the process of making an item. The recipe/plan will also list the ingredients required (which must first be harvested) and the work bench required to create the item.

Once you have the ingredients, the skills and the work bench, you can chose to "make" an item (or multiple items) from the recipe dialog. Clicking on a work bench will also bring up your list of recipes.

If you're missing ingredients, skills or a workbench they will be highlighted in red when viewing the recipe. The different crafting skills are described below.


Cooking takes raw food stuffs and converts them into delicious (hopefully) meals. These meals often have more regenerative properties than their raw ingredients. A cooks station is required to perform cooking.


Fletching takes sticks, feathers and other ingredients to create ranged weapon ammunition including arrows and bolts. A fletching table is required to make ammunition.


Potion brewing is a dark art often requiring strange ingredients. Potions can have many different effects from healing to increased speed or strength. A potion mixing table is required to produce any potion recipe.


Working with metal is one of the harder of the crafts and includes converting ore to useable metal as well as creating metal items such as weapons and armour. An anvil is required to make metal items and a forge is required to smelt ore to useable metal.


Carpentry is the process of taken wooden resources and creating useable items and furniture. Different woods can be used to make different quality items but may require specialist tools to craft. At a minimum a wood working table is required to create wooden items.


Making clothes is a noble profession and requires a great deal of skill. Some of the most prized items in the land of Yore are custom hats and cloaks. Tailoring plans generally require cloth and a tailors table to produce clothing.

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