4 - Chatting


In game chat can be accessed by clicking or tapping the speech bubble in the bottom left of the screen. This bubble can also have two flashing indicators on it. A red indicator means that there is new chat. A gold indicator indicates there has been a golden kill spawn message. Note that the red-indicator can be turned off by selecting mute in the chat window.

There are 3 types of chat available to you in Tales of Yore.

You can also optionally see a list of people in the world, local or party chats by clicking the who button to the top right of the chat area.

The chat display also shows your game log. This log records messages about your actions in the game and may help to understand the amount of damage you're doing against monsters or remeber actions you took in the game.


There are very few community rules in Tales of Yore so far. The community is a friendly relaxed place full of people that are more than happy to help you out.

Please don't swear or make nasty comments in the chat in game. Note that the game chat is also forwarded to Discord and is checked regularly. While there's no wish to stop anyone playing, but bans and suspensions will be used for poor behaviour.